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Contemporary Vietnamese Art


Our last buying trip was very successful and the art is currently being framed and catalogued.

We are busy putting it all together and as soon as we set the date we will post it on ourwebsite.

Again we have sourced many lacquers as well as oil on canvas, watercolour on ricepaper and silk and many smaller pieces perfect for gifts.

In the meantime you are welcome to join us in the café to view the current display of Contemporary Vietnamese art which will leave you feeling inspired. We have amazing pieces of art with a price range to suit all.

Since the mid 1980’s artists have broken free from the more conventional Vietnamese painting styles. The contemporary art scene has gone through a modern day renaissance, incorporating th olden day Vietnam and the new modern Vietnam. Appealing to a multicultural audience a wide variety of mediums are used. The traditional lacquer, oil on canvas, gouache, works on ricepaper and many more. Incorporating the landscape, cityscapes, the people, bicycles, kites and often water buffalos.