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Curtin Gallery

Curtin Café and Gallery has spent much time sourcing some of Vietnam’s top artists, as well as new and emerging artists, some of whom have recently graduated.

The Vietnamese are proud of their country’s reputation for producing artists. In the late 19th Century the European painting traditions were introduced and can still be seen today.The artists have found a correlation between modern art styles and traditional techniques. Ever changing and evolving, the art being produced by the Vietnamese is bold but remains true to its roots.

Since the mid 80’s artists have been the first to break free from the more conventional painting styles. The contemporary art scene has gone through a modern day renaissance, carefully steering between the foreign and the familiar. It mainly veers to a multicultural audience, encouraging a wide variety of disciplines to be used. Incorporating the landscape, cityscapes, the people, bicycles, kites and often water buffalos. The traditional dress the Ao Dai is often featured.

The Innerwest Weekly says “others can only envy this café’s reputation. When Nina Alidenes was ready to open Curtin Café in 2004, she noticed the walls were bare. In desperation she filled it with Vietnamese paintings from her parents house. Customers started asking to buy the artworks so she travelled to Vietnam with her mum to bring some back. Nina recently returned from her seventh trip to Vietnam…” July 07

To view the latest release of Vietnamese Art pop into the café for a coffee and you will leave feeling inspired. We have pieces of art to suit all budgets.